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2 years ago

Perfect detox therapy to lose your fat in a natural and healthy way

Perfect detox therapy to lose your fat in a natural and healthy way

Find the smartest solution perfect for valued clients who want to cleanse, revitalize, relax, and lose weight. As an exclusive, dedicated and personalized health retreat spa, we are the ideal choice for anyone who wants more than just a 'weight loss holiday. Our health and wellbeing retreat and healthy weight loss spa program offer the perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of everyday life and we are proud to be the market leaders of luxury residential wellness programs here in the UK. Naturopaths, nutritionists, fitness trainers, yoga teachers and holistic therapists who are highly qualified deliver our results driven therapies.  You will feel supported and nurtured with our treatments having the best results.

Our health programs offer the motivation and perfect kick start for a new you, however understanding how deficiencies, intolerances and identifying which systems in your body need extra attention is vital in achieving any long term goal of health and wellbeing. Screening techniques such as live blood testing, arterial & biological health screening, amino acid profiling, complimented by naturopathic nutritional and lifestyle coaching is also an option within your stay.  A variety of choices in the detox retreat is offering you the juice cleansing or following your delicious calorie controlled healthy eating option which can be decided upon when you arrive. Well, the freshly prepared diets and soups we assigned for your health is built with natural ingredients. Consult our therapist who caters to deliver the result oriented approach for a greater relief at an affordable price.